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2 Jan 2020 If a municipality has a by-law in place, retail businesses may be open at any time on Boxing Day when it falls on a Sunday. Back to top. Can an  4 Oct 2019 The dream: a major supermarket in Perth open earlier than 11am on a Sunday. our shop first thing Sunday, except we still have to wait until 11am for the it did last summer, in convincing government to reduce festive trade  11 Sep 2019 A recent article about the possibility of more Sunday shopping in Zurich READ ALSO: Zurich tourism boss calls for shops to be open on Sunday week but noted Sunday opening hours did not mean this would be the case. 11 Mar 2018 Catholic church welcomes law that begins with ban on two Sundays a liberal shopping laws were introduced in the 1990s after the collapse  11 Mar 2018 A new law banning Sunday trading in Poland has come into effect, with supermarkets and other retail outlets closed. 27 Oct 2017 For a long time, the country's shop opening hours were stuck in the 1950s; a law passed in 1956 stated that shops could only be open until 6: 

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23 Sep 2016 In specific tourist areas, however, shops may open every Sunday. However, there were fears that longer Sunday opening hours could harm  7 Feb 2015 Then began a steady decline. Blue laws in New York state were struck down in a 1976 court decision stating that a “gallimaufry of exceptions”  9 Mar 2016 “Majority in English and Welsh MPs for Sunday Trading,” he posted on Twitter. “ SNP stop rest of country have freedom Scotland has.” MPs were  19 Feb 2015 Confusing rules on hardware stores' Sunday trading hours will be addressed In WA, most Bunnings stores open at 7:00am on Sundays but the products the news, saying the rules on hardware stores were totally outdated.

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27 Aug 2019 CityAM - The Sunday Trading Act 1994 came into force 25 years ago yesterday, allowing shops to open on Sundays, but restricting. so abashed by the archaic Sunday trading laws that they were suspended for eight weeks. 29 Dec 2019 Poland's Sunday trading ban will expand from the start the new year. The number of Sundays that shops are allowed to stay open over the  9 Mar 2016 The Sunday Trading Act first came into force in July 1994, allowing large shops to open for six consecutive hours, between 10am and 6pm. those who usually work on Sunday, 6.8% were in sales occupations (which include